Friday, April 20, 2007


Welcome - I am going to start by introducing myself. I am a technology trainer and systems engineer at Educational Service Unit 10 in Kearney, Nebraska. I have grown up in Nebraska and lived in Kearney since 1991 when I started college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. It has been a great place to be.

So what does a technology trainer and a systems engineer do at ESU 10? When I was first hired at ESU 10, my job was more technical, doing more with programming and networking. I had the opportunity to set up several servers and install networks. We work with school LAN Managers and assist them in running their day to day network opperations. As a part of that, I took over a summer academy for school LAN Managers that teaches the fundementals of the job. It has been a wonderful experience and through that, I have migrated to do more and more workshops not only for LAN Managers but for classroom teachers and administrators as well. I do less and less with the technical side and more with integration of technology. That's where the technology trainer title comes from.

Plan to see more on classroom tech ideas, tips and tricks, meanderings, and more. Take care!

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