Monday, April 23, 2007

Preparing for NETA

This is an exciting week for me at work. I'll be in Omaha Wednesday through Friday for the annual NETA (Nebraska Educational Technology Association) conference. Not only will I be presenting, I also get the privilege of helping with the conference as a new NETA board member. I can't wait to participate in this capacity. I have attended NETA since my days at UNK clear back in 1994 and have lead presentations and workshops for about the last 10 years. This is a wonderful conference that has grown and grown and continues to lead Nebraska educators interested in using technology in the classroom.

This year I will be presenting two sessions. The first will be on podcasting. We will be going through the process of introducing the topic, to being a consumer of podcasts to, finally, producing our own podcasts. For more information on the presentation, visit

The second session, I am actually helping Deanna Stall, another technology trainer at ESU 10. We will be using and show collaborative Web 2.0 tools. I am really excited about this topic. We are doing more and more with Web 2.0 in the classroom and it has been a great experience. There will be more on Web 2.0 tools here in this blog throughout the year. Stay tuned!

I hope to see you at NETA! Have a great week.

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