Monday, May 7, 2007

Information Literacy

I mentioned I would talk about several issues Alan November brought up at his Keynote at NETA. One of the pressing topics in our age of information is "Information Literacy." What is the grammar of the Internet. What do we need to teach our kids about finding information and its validity. You can find any version of the truth you want on the Internet. How do you sift through all the rubble?

Alan November has a very compelling story about a student, Zack, wanting to write a story about the Holocaust never really happening. He brings up several great ideas of ways to teach students to validate information. I found this page very useful in researching this topic:
Here you will find a quiz on how information literate you are, web sites to check out and use as a teaching tool, and tips on validating a site.

Here are a few sites with good information on how to validate a web site:
I hope you have a chance to take an in-depth look at teaching our students the grammar of the Internet. It will be a valuable resource they will forever use.

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TECHS said...

We have had this discussion regarding the importance of new and maybe old and forgotten internet search concepts.

You have cited some good resources. Now how can we share this information with the masses?