Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Maximum Impact - Maxwell

Today I'll cover my notes from John Maxwell's presentation.

John C. Maxwell - Author of "Talent is Never Enough"

John's new credo is "Talent Plus."

You have talent which is God given. Then you have choices to enhance and bring out the most in your talent. 6 of those choices are as follows:

1) Belief lifts your talent - believe in yourself. Behave on the outside what you believe on the inside. Believe in yourself, your team, and your organization.

2) Character protects your talent

3) Initiative activates your talent. "Alls well the begins well." Start... NOW!

4) Passion provides energy. John had a great story about getting 300 people to his small rural church. On the day of his goal, he had 299. Had to go out and find another person and ended up bring two more back because he told them they would be hero's.

5) Preparation positions your talent. Be prepared for when opportunity knocks. You never know when that will happen.

6) Teachability expands your talent. Learn, learn, learn. Learn from your failures - don't dwell on them. Have a teachable spirit.

Other notes: What are you doing to invest in yourself? In others? - Put your money where your values are. His example was don't pay kids to do chores, pay them to read!

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