Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Recent Manila Workday

We recently hosted a Manila workday for teachers in the area. It was an evening session that allowed teachers time to work and ask questions about their Manila sites. It was well received and I think a good use of time.

During the workshop, we had several people ask questions and I just wanted to highlight a couple of topics that we have not previously documented on used in our workshops.

Button rollovers
The button rollovers is a neat feature that allows you to use regular graphical buttons in your normal navigation. You can also have rollovers too. It's a fun way to spice up your site. The Button Creator site is just the first one I ran across on a Google search. It seems to work really nice!

Frontier adress for Button Rollovers:

Button Creator

Google Analytics
This is a tool that, after adding a little javascript code to your Manila template, would allow you to track users to your site. It may be a little overboard but it does have some nice tracking tools. I installed it on my wife's site to see what it can do an it seems really nice!

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