Thursday, November 29, 2007

What we do...

Have you ever wondered why we do what we do in NIS at ESU 10?

Technology is so important in the lives of students and, at least in my mind, it is our job to give educators the tools to teach effectively in the 21st century. As I was going through this information below, it became apparent that it really defines what we do for the educators we serve. I challenge you to go through the 1) video, 2) "Scathing" review, and 3) the rebuttal to see how you feel it affects what we do.

1) Video:
2) Review:
3) Rebuttal:

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dstall said...

Wow! I was totally surprised by the initial reviews. This isn't about technology. For teachers, this is about teaching differently. Let's stop pretending that we know everything.

Two things came to mind(2nd link). One, this gentlemen (Gary) must have been a successful student in the traditional classroom and university setting. And two, this video isn't bashing the same way educators have been bashed in the past. Teachers are criticized for all sorts of stuff like pay raises, time off, benefits, etc. But this video certainly raises some issues to be discussed by professional educators about what can we do better. I DO agree that you can't make a video, just because you want to make a video with students. The contents of a project have to be relevant to the class material. I feel fortunate that Nebraska standards are set up the way they are. Teachers can do these sorts of classroom activities to complete student practice and achievement.

I became a teacher because school is my favorite place(a little cheezy but true as a 2nd grader). It isn't that way for all kids. Maybe our job is to support teachers in teaching differently!