Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google Account FYI

Maybe some of you knew this but when I created my Google account many moons ago there was not the option of using your "real" email address. So I tried to create a name that would be worthy of my esu10 employment. However, it seems that now when anyone invites me to their docs and spreadsheets, etc., they like to use my email address. Which, in the past, has always been a pain because you had to send them a message and say, "can you please send that to my gmail account instead?"

Well, fret no more my friends! You can associate other email addresses with your gmail/google account. How nice! And I suppose you are asking, "Well how might I do that Jason?" Well, I'll tell you!
  1. Log in to your current gmail/google account at
  2. Next to Personal Information, click “Edit”
  3. Add your email address

Photo of actual page here:

That’s it! They will send you a verification email to that account and in about 2 minutes time, you can log in with either account and people can use either your gmail or other email to invite you to google stuff! How cool...

Good luck and have fun!

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