Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tech Showdown

We have recently started using a fun, after lunch, workshop activity. It is a Tech Showdown and everyone participates. The basic idea is that everyone in the workshop has to give a "Show and Tell" of a technology innovation they like and use. It can be ANYTHING! Then, we pair off and each person has 3 minutes to present their technology innovation. It really does become a fun activity and it's so interesting to see what others are using on a day to day basis.

Here were the duals that happened at our Google Tools Part 1 workshop:

Jott.comVS.uStream.tv & RockYou.com
Need to send an email message to someone but you are not at a computer? You can "jott" or call in a message and jott will convert your voice to an email message. This also works for text messaging too!

uStream is an all encompassing video streaming site that allows you to set up a video streaming channel and share it with others. Would be great for schools who want to broadcast sporting events, etc., on the web. RockYou.com is a great place to display photo collections to embed in your website.

Angel PDF SharingVS.Angel Classroom Management
Share scholarship applications, etc. with your students in one central location that both the students and parents can get to. Angel opens up the possibility for communication about the applications also.

Angel is a great tool for "Learning Management". It's in a class with Moodle and Blackboard in terms of online classes and distance learning opportunities.

Ever had a student or faculty member that has a long term illness. There always seems to be rumors floating around. This is a great site to share what is happening and for others to sign a guestbook with their will wishes.

Clusty.com is a great meta-search engine that organizes information in several differnet ways that are easy to access. Worth a look if you are just used to using Google.

Digital EthnographyVS.Organizational Tools in Outlook
Thinking differently about technology and Internet use in the 21st Century. There are some great video's here that will stretch your thinking.

The use of categories really helps you organize your events and allows your to create custom views based on how you might work.

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