Thursday, March 6, 2008

Google Earth Mashup - Batch Geocode

A colleague from Kearney Public schools shared this with me during a workshop. I thought it would be a really cool tool for administrators and others that want to map addresses to Google Earth. You just need to create a report in your SIS to get the records. Once you have the addresses, upload the list to BatchGeoCode and let it do it's magic. Heck, you could even export your personal address book and map it.


  • Create an Excel spreadsheet of student info with columns for Address, City, State, Zip, plus any other information you want to be available for each location - name, school, grade, etc. The 1st row must have headings.
  • One building at a time, (this gives you separate folders in Google Earth), highlight the Excel info and drop it into step 2 at the website below, then run through the other steps at the site:
  • When the last step completes, click to Download to Google Earth file.
  • Open Google Earth, click File, Open, select your files. They will drop into the Temporary Places folder, so drag them to My Places to save them.
  • To make the location dot for each school a different color, right click the school folder in My Places and select properties.
  • To put your school boundaries on the map, click the Polygon icon on the top toolbar and start clicking along your boundary - the polygon will show up after you have 3 points plotted.

Thanks for sharing Gary!

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Jason Everett said...

This is a cool site that will help you map a list of addresses. So you could map all the students that go to GPS.

Kind of cool! Have to include this in SS 2.0 workshop.



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