Thursday, April 10, 2008

Photos and Video to Flickr with MMS

I recently found out via @TeachaKidd on twitter that Flickr is now allowing the posting of video. As I read her blog post, and viewed the video, I realized how simple it is to upload media from your phone to Flickr. To use the video feature, you do need a "Pro" account and that will run you $25/year. But, you can also upload pictures from your phone via MMS, or Multimedia Messaging System (basically sending pictures or video via text messaging.)

Well, as I investigated this some more, I realized that Flickr gives you a unique email address to send the pictures you would like to post to the site. So, you can either email a picture or use the email address and send the picture via MMS on your phone. I tried it. Very slick!

Wouldn't students be excited if you asked them to use their phone to take and upload pictures to your Flickr account?

Picture was taken this evening and uploaded to Flickr: Our backyard - SNOW IN APRIL! ughhhh!

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Lee said...

I think this actually might have some good classroom application. Why not protect your Flickr account, give password to parents and students, let students shoot video, and upload to Flickr. You can create folders and sets so it's easy to organize. It would be a great way to teach students to be brief and concise. Perhaps 90 second podcasts, "Class Clips?" I like it!