Monday, April 28, 2008

NETA Reflections

Although I didn't get to attend many sessions at NETA, I did pick up on quite a bit of buzz and networking. Sounds like all the sessions went well!

There were some new technology implementations to help support the conference this year. I felt they were very well received and will help people see a use in their environments.
Future Technology - When I first accepted a position on the NETA board I was excited about the possibility to contribute some of my time and talent. At our last board retreat I suggested we might investigate having a supporting website for the actual conference itself. Something that would be a place that those who were unable to attend could participate and those that were there and unable to attend certain sessions could get the information they needed. We have steadily been outgrowing our facilities and even with a change in venue, we will be capped in the number of attendees we are able to support on site. There are a couple of models that we could use to have a truly integrated online supplement for the conference next year. One that I am thinking of is I would love to entertain your ideas and other sites you have used to participate in something like this. Some of my initial ideas are below.
  • NETA Dashboard
  • News and Announcements
  • Keynote and featured speaker podcasts (Already Here!)
  • User Groups: Tech Coordinators, Apple, PC
  • Twitter, Flickr, and other Web 2.0ish sites to showcase for K12 use
  • General Session Information: Video/Audio/Agenda/Handouts/Links/Resources
  • Live chats
  • Workshop Resources
My session: I'm Feeling Lucky - Searching with Google - Link to Presentation
One of my revered colleagues, Graci Gillming, was unable to present this session and so asked me to fill in. It was a fun session with LOTS of people. The room host indicated there were 200+ people in a room more suitable for about 100. It thought it was an important session as we dive deeper in to what it means to be information literate. One of the keynoters, Bernajean Porter, indicated that information will soon double every 72 hours! It's these skills we need to hone to find relevant and accurate information to support our causes.


J Allen said...

I think all of those could be very beneficial. It will be interesting to see how NECC handles there Twitter. Would it be possible to tinker with some of those things with the NETA group going to NECC? I'd be interested in a Twitter or a place for all of use to put our info...although that may get pretty big.

Jason Everett said...

I like your idea about the NETA folks having an online sharing resource at NECC.

I would think a wiki would be a great tool for this. I started one at:

KMess said...

I participated in the k12onlineconference last fall and found it to be interesting. I am thinking of having my classes participate in the next conference. This format is one I believe NETA should explore. I don't think we should replace the face-to-face conference but it would be nice to have as many presentations as possible available for people who can't get there.
Maybe we should do a very limited online conference in the fall as an experiment.

Jason Everett said...

Thanks for the comments Ken!

My initial thought would be not to replace the face-to-face but only have it as a supplement to what we currently do with the conference in Omaha. More of a one stop shopping for all the resources one could get at NETA. And I know this would be highly dependent on the participation of the presenters to put up their resources.

You do pose an interesting idea with NETA sponsoring an online conference of some sort. I wonder who would be interested in presenting at such an event and who would be interested in participating? This might be something we pursue if we can get the first one under our belt!

Thanks again for providing some food for thought!