Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Learning Web - '08

We are starting day two of our Learning Web Institute here in Kearney, Nebraska. We have 6 facilitators: Graci Gillming, Melissa Engel, Deanna Stall, Bob Hays, Jackie Ediger and myself. There are 4 teams representing 4 schools: Silverlake, Gibbon, Bertrand and Ogallala.

What is the learning web?
A year-long professional institute promoting technology integration projects which meet school improvement goals and support proven instructional strategies.

Sponsored by the Nebraska Educational Service Units, the Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA) & the Nebraska Department of Education.

So really we work with how technology can be used to support Marzano's Instructional Strategies. A book came out this year supporting just this concept. You can find it on Amazon. Using Technology With Classroom Instruction That Works by Howard Pitler, Elizabeth R. Hubbell, Matt Kuhn, and Kim Malenoski.

Yesterday we had fun showing our participants serveral technologies that can be used to support the instructional strategies. MS Word, Inspiration, Rubistar, InspireData, Digital Storytelling, Effective Google Searches and Gizmos. Today we'll show much more technology and have the teams work on their plan for they year. It will definitely be exciting!

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Jason Everett said...

I wanted to share a message I received from Sean Chalmers, InspireData Product Specialist.


See classroom examples of how InspireData can be used throughout the curriculum by visiting our Inspired Learning Community

Comparing School Performance with InspireData

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Sean Chalmers
InspireData Product Specialist
Inspiration Software, Inc.