Friday, August 22, 2008


I think blogs are about the most important communication tool of our time. There is much research to support this claim but what I really want to tell you is you should be blogging. You should be reading blogs for professional growth and personal pleasure. You should be commenting on others blogs. And lastly, you should have your own blog. We are ALL educators. You have experiences and opinions that matter.You have knowledge stored up in that gray matter - share it!

We are currently starting a new project at ESU 10 to support blogging on a whole new level. In the past we have provided a web presence for every teacher using Manila. We are refocusing our efforts and will be installing and implementing WordPress mu. A rough mission statement I created for the project:
Every educator should have access to easy to use, reliable and well supported technology infrastructures to support 21st century classroom communications. This project will yield a system of technology, support and training, established by ESU 10 staff and partners, to provide educators the opportunity to have a modern web presence.
Along these same lines, I ran across an article from Merlin Mann. The article is "What Makes for a Good Blog?" Check it out. I think you'll enjoy it. In the article, Merlin mentions a great blog directory if you are looking for a good place to start finding great content.


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From Deanna:
Here is another site talking about blogging that you might add to your arsenal!